July 5, 2022

E15 | A Mother's Love - The End of Everything

E15 | A Mother's Love - The End of Everything

Trigger Warning: Vomiting.

This is the series finale of 'A Mother's Love'. Please enjoy and join us in October for season 2 of FanScape.  


Please visit podvoices.help for more information on what you can do to help after the disasterous overturning of Row V Wade.

https://abortion.cafe/ - this is a collection of abortion resources

shoutyourabortion.com - this is a campaign to normalize abortion

https://donations4abortion.com/ - donate to support abortion funds by state

https://secure.actblue.com/donate/supportabortionfunds - donate to the national network of abortion funds (donations split between 80+ abortion funds)

https://usow.org/repro/volunteer/ - this is a list of abortion clinics across the country that need volunteers

https://dontbanequality.com/ - this is language for companies to use to stand against the ruling

plancpills.org/ambassadors - here are early abortion access pills you can store in your cabinet

https://prochoice.org/ - this is an abortion access hotline

https://natalist.com/products/early-pregnancy-test-strips - buy early pregnancy test strips

https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/birth-control - get info on types of birth control

https://choice.crd.co/ - this is a collection of these above links and more. Managed by @starplanes - DM them on twitter to add more

https://www.guttmacher.org/state-policy/explore/abortion-policy-absence-roe - abortion policy by state as of June 1, 2022


A Mother’s Love – An Evangelion alternate is written by Huervos Ranchero Distributed on Archive of our own

Music by: World Beyond

Sound Design by Adam Murciano

Cast (in order of appearance):

David Klein II – Director, Producer, editor, narrator, and Seele Member 2

Ella Rhee – Location Narrator, Naoko Akagi

Bald Zebra as Ryoji Kaji
Twitter | Twitch

Danika Ng – Rei Ayanami

Nate Vale – Gendo Ikari

Talayah Cates – The Ethereal Girl


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