May 3, 2022

E06 | A Mother's Love - Arrivals

E06 | A Mother's Love - Arrivals

In this episode: Giselle arrives at nerve and gets familiar with her new home and all the new faces.

A Mother's Love - An Evangelion alternate is written by Huervos Ranchero Distributed on Archive of our own

Music by: World Beyond
Sound Design by Adam Murciano  

Cast (in order of appearance):    

Ella Rhee as The Location narrator,  

David Klein II as the Narrator,  

LynnVA - Yui Ikari

KataBelle as Misato Katsuragi, Giselle Sonnen

Alexander Matthews - Shinji Ikari, Makoto Hyuga  

Cally Kas as Ritsuko Akagi  

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