Feb. 8, 2023

E03 | Blood and Venom - An Ugly Truth

E03 | Blood and Venom - An Ugly Truth

Thank you for joining us for Season 2 Part 1 Episode 3 of Fanscape.
Season 2 uses the Fan Fiction 'Blood and Venom' and Part 1 of this season covers Book 1 titled "Perdition's Genisis"  

Blood and Venom is written by Arthur Faraday, who goes by WoodMr13 on Archive of our Own.  

FanScape Season 2 is funded by the Nevada Arts Council and The National Endowment for the Arts.  

Cathryn Archer as Kate Milens
Chris Maconaughey as 'The Slender Man'
David Klein II as the Narrator  

Guest Starring:
Jamie Petronis as Firebrand
Vincent C Davis as 'The Observer'
Harlan Guthrie as 'The Introduction Narrator'  

Intro and Credits music by: Dylan Griggs

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